PRACTICE 2017 will be held as part of the 3rd IEEE International Conference on Cybernetics (CYBCONF 2017), University of Exeter, UK, 21-23 June 2017

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Workshop Description (Call for Papers)

Cognitive Computing is a highly interdisciplinary research topic studied in several fields including but not limited to neuroscience, psychology, biology, computer science, electronic engineering, ergonomics, information theory, physics, mathematics and statistics. It has been a very important area in which the SMC community has a lot of interests and been conducting active research. The SMC Society has a dedicated Technical Committee on Cognitive Computing, in order to promote research in this area and collaboration with researchers in other fields. Since cognitive computing looks at human cognitive processes, it plays a key role in all human-involved systems, thus has a lot of overlaps with cybernetics since the latter often involves human users in the whole process.

CYBCONF 2017 has a dedicated topic in Track 2 on Cognitive Systems, but cognitive computing research spans across almost all topics within all three tracks. This special session will cover research going beyond theoretical and foundational issues around Cognitive Systems, focusing mainly on practical applications of cognitive computing in emerging topics less studied in cybernetics, including but not limited to multimedia computing, image and video processing, information retrieval, cyber security and user privacy, and social computing.

By Cognitive Computing, we consider techniques covering all aspects of cognitive systems and processes including capturing, monitoring, modelling, simulating and evaluating cognitive elements and automated algorithms inspired by knowledge learned from such research especially on how humans behave and how automated algorithms can better serve humans.